Child's Footprint Step Stool!!!

I knew exactly what I wanted for Mother's Day this year when I saw this post.  This is the easiest step stool to make and will be cherished forever.

First, I ran over to Michael's and bought an unfinished step stool for $14.99.  With my 40% off coupon, the total came to around $10 with tax.  They had 4 different styles to choose from, but I thought this would be the most sturdy. 

My husband recently remodeled our kid's bathroom and I thought it would be nice to stain the step stool to match the vanity.  It took two coats of stain.

Once the stain was dry, I used acrylic paint and painted the bottom of their little feet.  I tried to mix the colors to match the dots on the soap dispenser & hand towels.  I gently pressed their feet onto the step stool and to my amazement, the prints came out great.

I asked Ethan to write the boy's names in pencil above each foot because I love his handwriting.  I then painted over the names in orange.   After all the paint was dry, I put on a coat of polyurethane to give it a shiny finish and to protect my new prized possession.

$10...not too shabby!   Happy Mother's Day to me!!!  :)

Now, for your help.... I think I'd like another step stool for the other sink. 
My question to you:  Do I use their other foot or their handprint?  I'm kinda leaning towards their other foot.

I'm linking up @ Skip to my Lou.

A Special Note on this Mother's Day...

To my Mom:  Thanks for being the most patient, inspiring, intelligent, hardworking, caring, generous mother I could have ever asked for.  I am blessed to have you as a Mom
To all the other Mom's reading this:  Enjoy this day with your kids.  I hope they pamper you and keep you smiling!



  1. Love it! I'd definitely go with the other foot :)

  2. Wow, this is such a simple but effective idea and you did it beautifully, I love it!! I would go with the right foot too for your other one :-)

  3. definitely the other foot - I think that would be just adorable!

  4. So cute!. I would definitely use the other foot, too!

  5. Oh!! Those are SO sweet!!! Great idea!! Happy Mother's Day!!

  6. I saw this on flickr and LOVE it. Definitely keeping this one in the idea file!

  7. Love it!!! But....I would use their hands for the other stool. It would be great to remember their sweet little hands forever. Keeping this idea in the archives!!


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