Merry Christmas everyone!  It is now 10:45pm and I can not believe I am still awake.  I have been up since about 2am, when my 6 year old decided to go see if Santa had come to our house yet.  Unfortuntaely, he had, and Ethan decided he needed to wake up his brothers because it was time to open presents.  I finally got them back to bed without unwrapping anything but they were up again at 5:30am.  I am glad they are so excited and I remember the feeling but come on.  That just was not cool!

I have been receiving some wonderful blocks for my Heroes Quilt that I am working on for a charity auction in February.  The first one comes from Betsy.  She sent a great note with her block. Thank you, Betsy!

Deb from Little Ms. Sew-Unsew (great blog name btw) sent this gorgeous block.  I love her post about this block here.  Thanks, Deb!

Ella from Throw a Wench In It, generously sent me FOUR blocks!!! They are all dedicated to different people and have such heartfelt notes. Thank you so much, Ella!

I finished up a duvet quilt for a friend yesterday. I will post pics soon.
Have a great Christmas everyone!

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  1. Love all of the blocks! The quilt is going to be beautiful.


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