A Trip To The Barnyard

I was recently commissioned by my husband's co-worker, Tracy, to make a quilt for her new nephew.  Almost 2 years ago, Tracy's 3 day old niece, Carissa, passed away from a heart defect.  It was a horrible time her entire family.  Tracy's brother-in-law & girlfriend have since had another baby that is happy and healthy named Allen. 

Baby Allen lives near his Grandparent's farm so Tracy asked that include bright colors and possibly barn yard animals, tractors, and a barn.  After a little googling, I found the perfect fabric; Farm Friends by Jamie Wood. 

Bright colors, check. 
Barn yard animals, check. 
Tractors, check. 
Barn, check. 
Adorable, double check!

Tracy wanted Allen's name & birthdate on the back of the quilt. 
She liked this font, so I printed out the letters and appliqued them on.  There were no numbers when I downloaded this font, so I had to just wing it.  I hope they look ok.

Would you look at this cow!  Seriously.  So cute!

She liked this quilt by Ruth Sloan, so we decided to use it as inspiration when making this.

Here is the tractor that Tracy requested.

The quilt is approx. 55" x 55". 

Seriously?  Can't get much cuter.

I was honored to make this and hope Baby Allen has as much fun playing on this quilt as my son Jack has had rolling around on it while I was in the process of making it!



  1. Great job Val, it's lovely! The applique on the back looks wonderful too :)

  2. So Cute Val!!! I'm sure it will be well loved.

  3. Very cute, they will definitely love it. I'm going to have to check out the farm friends collection for the little ones here.

  4. Val, what a wonderfully cute quilt. It is bound to be loved and used a lot by Allen.

  5. Val what a wonderfully cute quilt which will no doubt get cuddled up to a lot by its young owner

  6. Oh, so adorable. What a great gift for a little boy!


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