Bring on the bidding!

I am so excited!  I found out that the Heroes Foundation silent auction will be live to the public via the internet.  What does that mean?  ANYONE can bid on the Heroes Helping Heroes quilt!!!  All you need is texting capabilities and you are golden.

The bidding is open now and closes at 8:30pm on Saturday, February 25th.  You guys...people have already bid on the quilt!  SCREAM!!!!  Not only that, there were two friends of mine at my son's pre-school telling me that they had already bid on it.  I am so excited.

Go check out the auction site here: http://heroesfoundation.auction-bid.org/
The Heroes Quilt is item #270.

For the silent auction, I took all the cards that people sent that shows who their blocks are in honor of and put them on a poster board next to the quilt.  I hope this will tell the story of this quilt and make people want to bid even more!

Share this news about the quilt.  If you want it and can't afford it, tell your rich Uncle to bid on it for you!!!!  It's a tax deduction after all and supports a wonderful cause!  (oh, and this pillow comes with the quilt!)

Fingers crossed for a fun Gala full of generous bidders!



  1. Hi Val,

    So exciting! Just wanted to let you know though I think that there is a typo in that link - I think it's supposed to be http://heroesfoundation.auction-bid.org/ instead of http://heroesfoundation.auction-big.org/.

  2. you might need to check your link to the auction site...it didn't work for me...error message said it could not find the site.

  3. I got on there with the link. Lots of great stuff up for auction. Wow $270 when I looked!

  4. that is so cool!!!! I hope it makes a ton of cash :-D

  5. Awesome....so honored to be a part of this worthwhile project. Thanks for organizing such an amazing fundraiser. You have inspired me to do a similar project in my small community. I work with some wonderful nurses that are also enthusiastic quilters. Great job!!

  6. I saw you over on quilt story. Wonderful quilt. I think I like it better than mine : )
    Congrats on raising that much money!


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