Pinterest....my new web obsession!


Have you guys heard about the new website, Pinterest yet?  If you love Flickr, which I am certain that most of you do, you will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this new website (and you may even find your photographs on there!) 

Think of it as a digital inspiration board.  Instead of cutting pictures out of magazines and hanging them on a cork board, you "Pin" a picture (from anywhere on the web) and post it onto your Pinterest board.

You can then organize your board into different folders like,
"Pillow inspiration"
"Ideas for my next quilt"
"DIY projects"
"Craft room organization ideas"
"Recipes I love"
"Favorite _____ (fill in the blank)"
...really, anything you can think of, you can create a folder for.

You can then follow people's boards or just their specific "folders".

I had to request to become a member and then in a week or two they send you an e-mail saying you are in.  I'm not sure if they are still in the Beta testing phase or not, but they were a little bit ago.

We all need to start following each other!!! 

They make it easy to "Pin" pictures by creating a link for you to add to your browser bar that says "PIN IT".

Then, whenever you find a picture that you want to add to your inspiration board, you just click on the Pin It button that you've added next to your "Favorites" folder and tell it which folder you'd like to save the picture into on Pinterest.

If you find something cool on someone's pin board and you'd like to add it to your board, you just "Repin it."  All you have to do is click on the picture and then click Repin.  This box below pops up and you just put the picture into whichever folder you'd like.  It really is super easy and user friendly. 

Pinterest also gives credit back to where the picture came from.  The only problem I've found is if someone has Pinned a picture from their google reader.  It does not send you back to the original link.  That is why it is good to give credit back to where it came from if you can.

Once you're all signed up, link up with me and I will with you!  It seriously is just as addicting as Flickr!

Now if anyone can please tell me how to get a little button for the sidebar of my Blog for Pinterest, it would be greatly appreciated!

Happy Pinning!


  1. I just learned about this earlier this week, a friend of mine invited me...so I got instant access once I logged in with my FaceBook name.

    I haven't officially been on it; but I checked out my friend's page and was immediately hooked.

    Can't wait to see how big of interest this gets.

  2. Pinterest is great! Must follow you, I haven't been on it in a few weeks. I have a button for it on my sidebar, can't remember how I did it will check in the morn and email you (on phone now!)

  3. Thank you for telling us about this site. I used to keep tabs open to try to keep track of inspiration photos. I eventually lost them because I can't keep all those tabs open all the time. This sounds like a great solution! I requested an invite and hope it doesn't take two weeks. I will forget who they are by then!

  4. http://pinterest.com/about/pinitforward/

    Here is the link for the button code for pinterest. I love having a place to save all my inspirations that I can see on all my computers.

  5. Oh thanks for explaining how it works! I have requested an invite so we'll see how we go. Only thing is, the site crashes Internet Explorer when I browse it hehe

  6. Oh my gosh, this is wonderful. I have requested an invite. I could spend the whole day looking at the images. Thank you for showing me this site.

  7. Lucky you, I requested an invitation a couple of weeks ago and I'm still waiting. :0( Fingers crossed it comes soon as I have so many thing I want to "pin"!

  8. Yep! I'm totally obsessed too! I'd love to follow you, what's your user name? (Your button to the right doesn't work. D'oh!)


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