Homemade sewn thank you cards

I was in desperate need of a few thank you cards but had no time to run to the store because my baby was napping.  I found a few pieces of card stock and thought I'd try to create my own card.  I first did a test print to make sure the alignment would be correct when it was pulled through the printer.  The test print had "thank you" printed straight along the bottom of the page.  However, as soon as the printer pulled my card through, it tilted the page and printed "thank you" on a slant.  I put another piece in thinking it was just a one-time error, but as you can see, the printer had a mind of it's own!  All four printed with the exact same wonkiness, just as the printer wanted.  I thought it actually looked cute that way and decided to add some leftover scrap ribbon to the cards.  I used a zip-zag stitch to sew on the ribbon.  If you plan to make one, make sure to reverse stitch at the beginning and the end so your thread does not come out!  

I am sure that now that I actually like the outcome and wouldn't mind replicating it, my printer will decide it is time to print the words straight across the page.



  1. I think these are really quite cute. I hope your printer remembers how to do the slanty thing.

  2. Simply sweet! Thanks for sharing!


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