What to do with chalkboard fabric?

Each year, we have a few friends over for New Year's Eve.  This year, my husband decided it would be fun to play darts in the garage after all the kids went to bed.  He asked me if we had a chalk board so we could keep score of game.  The perfect solution = the chalkboard fabric placemat that I made for the boys!  Just pin it to the cork board and it's ready to go.  It also withstands an occasional "miss" from the dart board.

I found the fabric at my favorite fabric store, Always in Stitches, about a year ago.  Using Pellon Wonder Under I attached a piece of solid fabric to the back of the placemat.  To attach Wonder Under you have to iron it onto the first piece of fabric, then remove the sheet of iron safe paper and then iron it on to the chalk board fabric.  I managed to ruin only one of the three placemats that I made, finding out the hard way that you can't iron chalkboard fabric using the "cotton" setting on your iron.  It will warp severly!  After the back was attached, I sewed the binding on the front and hand stitched it on the back.

It almost looks like art on the garage wall.  Makes me smile every time I pull into the garage!

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