"Mannie" Roll-up.

On February 15th, Made By Rae is going to dedicate an entire month to featuring incredible sewn things for boys.  Stop over there and get inspired.  If you have something you've made for a little guy, there is a flickr pool where you can add your creations. 

Here is something fun that I thought I'd add to the pool.  As a mother of 3 boys under 6, I am bombarded with legos, cars, light sabers, but most importantly, "Mannies."  Most people call these action figures, I think, but my boys adapted the words "little man" into mannies quite some time ago and it has stuck.

I was making art roll-ups for a friend and one of my sons asked if I could make him a roll-up for his mannies.  We like to bring our mannies with us every where we go, so this is a perfect solution.

All rolled up!

  I added a velcro latch to the end so it would close up easily for them. 


I almost forgot, Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


  1. Thanks for the heads up...I will surely check out her blog this month.

    Love the roll up. We always had drawstring or zippy bags to hold our son's "mannies"....he is almost 22 and we still find SW and lego guns and parts all over the place!:)

  2. This is just fabulous and hilarious - as a mother of two boys (and two girls) we had a house full of mannies until quite recently and these would have been great for the boys - although my younger son would probably love one for his mini figs even now!

  3. I cannot wait to make this for the boy - he's only 17 months but I'll be ready. Thanks so much for sharing your crafty superness :)


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