Bottled Rainbows Quilt Along

Look at how gorgeous this picture is.  Wouldn't it make a delicious quilt?  I already have an idea for this baby!  Rachel @ Stitched in Color is having a quilt along featuring my new favorite quilt to make...the ticker tape quilt!  (See my Owl).

If you've never made a ticker tape quilt, now is your time!  It is so much fun!!!  Who is with me?



  1. Too much to do at the moment, my dear!! Sounds like fun though and I will keep watching your progress!!

  2. What a good idea to do Bottled Rainbows as a baby quilt! Love it...

  3. Just saw your owl quilt on the other blog.... it is so awesome!
    Don't stress about the white line that you mentioned, from joining the four pieces. I didn't even see it until I saw your comment and backtracked to see what you meant!! There is so much going on, and so much color and movement in the quilt, that it is not noticeable! Kudos on a super creative quilt!
    Jacque in SC


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