Star Wars Placemats

Moda Bake Shop is having a monthly contest in March, April, & May.  Each month is a different theme and March's is "charm packs."

Here's how you enter the contest:
1.  Go to Moda Bake Shop and in the search bar, type in Charm Packs (if you are entering the contest in March).
2.  Choose your favorite charm pack recipe to replicate (feel free to alter the recipe as you see fit.)
3.  Upload up to 4 photos into the flickr pool (labeling your photos based on the directions given in the contest rules).
4.  Cross your fingers and hope your project is chosen to win!

As soon as I saw the Personalized Placemats that Chris Warnick of Frecklemama created, I knew I had to make them.  I went through my stash to see if I had any Moda charm packs, and look what was peering up at me...

The colors in this charm pack match my kitchen perfectly, plus, you can never go wrong with MoMo!!  There were a few changes that I made to Chris' original recipe.  She used entire charms (5"x5" squares) and sewed them together to make the border surrounding each name.  I decided to cut each of my charms into fourths using smaller squares so that I could get more prints incorporated into each placemat.

Look at these colors!!!!

I was originally going to put our names (Val, Matt, Ethan, Caleb, & Jack) on each placemat.  However, I have a three year old son who refuses to allow me to call him by his name.  Here is how it goes down on a daily per minute basis at our home...

...no answer....
...still no answer
...."my name is not Caleb, it's Obi Wan!"

Five minutes later....
...no answer....
"Obi Wan"
...still no answer
"OBI WAN!!!!!"
...."my name is not Obi Wan, it's Jango Fett!"

Five minutes later...
"Hey Mom, I'm not Jango Fett anymore, I'm Anakin!"

If I was going to go with Star Wars names for the boys' placemats, I figured I might as well make it an entire family theme.  For my placemat, I chose the mother of Luke & Leia, Padme.

Baby Jack gets to be Yoda.  I know when he gets a little older, he will not want to be Yoda anymore, but for now, he's our little Jedi Master.

Chris' recipe called for two charm packs to make 5 placemats.  I only had one charm pack, so I cut up a few Bella solid jelly roll strips that I had and interspersed them throughout.  Worked like a "charm!"

In order to make the letters, I downloaded the free Star Jedi font from Fontspace.com.  I then printed all the names and made sure they would fit on my white piece of fabric.

I then copied each name onto the Heat'n Bond and ironed that onto a Jelly Roll strip.

I then cut out each letter, removed the paper off the back and ironed the letters onto the white fabric, blanket stitching around each letter.

Baby Yoda wanted to help with his placemat.

I quilted each using straight lines starting from the bottom left corner and shooting across each placemat.  I wanted these to resemble light saber blades in action.  Here they are at their new destination!  Now all I need to do it make sure the boys don't spill anything on them (yeah right!)


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  1. These are GREAT! What fun!! Good luck in the contest!

  2. For family themed placemats what great idea. Hmmmmmm.

    Sorry...couldn't resist!

  3. Ha! You rock. These would likely be a hit at our house too, but my kids like the original three (old) star wars movies so we'd likely need Luke, Leia, Hans Solo ...

  4. That is too cute...and funny! Love it! And those are FAB colors! :) Thanks for linking to Fabric Tuesday!

  5. Way, way too funny!
    We are a Star Wars family also...I so appreciate your sense of humor and what a great Mom you are to do this!

  6. Oh my goodness, Val! I was just doing a search on flickr for quilted placemats and came across yours, which stood out especially because of the Star Wars names and my son is a huge fan. I'm cracking up at the thought of your Caleb only responding to various character names; that's hilarious! Thanks for sharing such a great story that a year and a half later I can still find and enjoy. Hope you're having a great summer!


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