Bottled Rainbow Quilt Along *Red Block*

I have finally finished my first block for the Bottled Rainbow Quilt Along.  I had aspirations of making each block into a letter, which would spell out a 4 letter word across each row.  Love, Hugs, Live, etc.  I couldn't come up with the perfect words, so I scrapped the entire idea and went with just filling in the entire white center rectangle with scraps. 

I put a small white border around each block to make the quilt a few inches bigger without having to add an outside border around the entire quilt.  I cut each white strip 1 1/2" wide x width of fabric so that the final white sashing will be 1".  I am hoping this will make each block pop a bit more. 

I decided to use a straight stitch around each of my scraps.  I know some people doing the quilt along are doing a zig zag stitch around each block, but I really like the scrappy feel after the quilt has been washed and freyed.  The texture gives it an entire new dimension.

I was able to talk a few girls into doing the quilt along with me which I am thrilled about.  Each Thursday evening, we plan to do one block.  They have never quilted before, so it will be a huge accomplishment when we are finished. 



  1. I love this!! What a fun idea!

  2. It looks great, I love your sock monkeys in there too! I am still sorting through scraps, but hope to make my first block soon!

  3. You have some really fun reds! It fit's right with the color's on your blog!

  4. Yeah - I think I will join in on this!!

  5. Sure do love it! The sock monkey, owl, stop sign - too cool. :D

  6. Hi! I am waiting for my fabrics to be shipped still and have been stalking the group to see what everyone is doing! I also think I will be doing it like you as well. I'm not keen on the zigzig. How are we going to join this when all done??


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