Embroidered Child's Artwork

I need your help!!!  (Read on...)

About a year ago, I embroidered these adorable drawings that my oldest son, Ethan, did of himself with his two little brothers, Caleb & Jack.  My favorite part of these little guys is that he drew their arms coming out of their heads.  I used the tutorial found on Little Birdie Secrets.

This embroidered piece of fabric has been floating around my house for way too long.... on the kitchen counter, on my sewing table, on the dining room table, back to my sewing table, and finally in my storage basket with the rest of my fabric stash.  I need to do something with it!!!  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Some ideas I have are:

1.  Staple it around a canvas  (the piece of fabric is 17" x 14", so I have lots of room to work with)
2.  Frame it inside a small embroidery hoop
3.  Frame it in a frame
4.  Uhh ... that's it. I'm all out of ideas.

I just want to get it up on the wall somewhere to make me smile.  Thanks for helping come up with a creative way to display this priceless artwork!


Ok, I've had a couple WONDERFUL CREATIVE suggestions...

Dee said to make a mini quilt out of it and put little pockets at the bottom (one for each boy).  They could then put their favorite little toy peeking out of their pocket.  Love this!

Molly had the great idea to turn it into a pillow. 

Benta mentioned to add a new block each year and turn it into an empty nest quilt when they are gone.  I told her this almost made me cry!  Such a wonderful idea, but I don't know if I can even think about them not living in with me!

Wanda had the thought of incorporating it into a bag/purse/tote.  How cute would that be!!!

Jodi had a super cute idea.  She said I could make a book cover out of it and then use the note book to record special memories of my children to help remember every precious day with them.

Keep these wonderful ideas coming!  I may just have to make one of each!



  1. First of all - WAY CUTE!! I love those! WHat a wonderful way to preserve those sweet little kid drawings!! I would probably staple it around canvas. To me, that would be a great showcase. Good luck with whatever you decide!! :)

  2. I like the embroidery hoop idea. I love seeing pictures of peoples creative spaces with different sized hoops hanging on the wall :)

  3. If you want to make it more functional, create a pillow around it.

  4. Love it! You'll always treasure such a sweet reminder of your boy's childhood. I'd go with the stapling on a canvas or framing. They both seem more permanent than a hoop and I'm sure you'll want this around forever.

  5. Embroidering it was a brillant idea. Why don't you just make a little mini out of it...maybe with 3 little pockets at the bottom that the boys can each put one little toy in peeking out....like a fav action figure or Lego people!:)

  6. Or add new pictures each year and turn it into an empty nest blanket for you when they've gone? I've turned kids sketches into machine embroidery,, but never thought to do it by hand

  7. How about incorporating it into a bag/purse/tote? It's a great idea to turn a pic into embroidery :)

  8. Well you have some fabulous suggestions already but if your still looking for suggestions you could make a book cover out of it and then use the note book to record special memories of your children to help you remember every precious day with them. Once my little angel can draw I am deffinitely going to have to stitch some of her art works to keep. I love it.


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