Giveaway Results...

I let my boys help me choose the winner for the $25 Fat Quarter Shop Giveaway. 

I put numbers 0-9 in a hat and let Ethan pull the first number, which was 2.  So that meant the winner would be a comment that was 2 digits.  (Sorry numbers 1-9 & 100+!)

Caleb went next and chose 2 as well.  So that meant the winner's first digit would be a 2.  (Sorry numbers 10-29 & 30-99)

Jack got to choose the final number.  I'll give you one guess what he chose.  I promise I put all the numbers in this hat!  He chose 2 which meant the number's final digit was 2.

So, the winner was #22 (Rhonda @ Quilter in the Gap). 

Quilter in the Gap said...

I tweeted about your giveaway @gaprhonda

Thank you everyone for playing.  I will be having another giveaway in August so don't go too far!!!



  1. Congrats to Rhonda, and what a sweet way to pick a winner!

  2. haha! What a fun way to pick a winner! Congrats to rhonda!!

  3. Congratulations, Rhonda! Love the way you let the boys help choose the winner!

  4. Hey missy. . way to go on the Moda recipe! ♥ IT!


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