The Road Less Traveled

A college friend of mine commissioned me to make a quilt for her favorite babysitter that is going off to my Alma Mater, Miami (of Ohio).  She wanted it to be primarily pieced in blue & yellow, with a Vera Bradley feel to it.  I sent her a link to my favorites on Flickr to help get her creative juices flowing.  She chose this quilt by Juliann for me to use as inspiration.

I first made my quilt sandwich spray basting the bottom, batting, and top all together.  I basted the heck out of it!  I then layed all the strips out in the design I wanted along the top of the quilt.  I sewed all the strips together and then used a washable glue stick (like you would a ticker tape quilt) and attached the three long strips onto the quilt.

I sewed the strips straight onto the top of the quilt sandwich leaving about 1/4" on each side.  I then quilted it using a circle pattern.  I drew the pattern straight onto the top of the quilt using the Pilot Frixion pen that I talk about here.  I sewed straight over the lines I had drawn and then ironed them away when I was done quilting.  I LOVE that pen!!!

This is the first quilt that I have ever machine sewn the binding onto.  OMG!  I may just never hand sew a binding on again.  Seriously, I think this just saved about 3-4 hours of my life!  Plus, since this is going to a college girl, she will need it to be a durable, right?  

I typed this label on my parent's olive green typewriter.  I then pressed it using dry heat on my iron to set the ink. 

She wanted the entire back to be Henna Garden.  No problem here!  This is definitely one of my favorite fab lines, ever!

Here we are, all wrapped up with love.  I really hope they all like the final product!!!!
Now, what should I name it???? 

I asked my blogger friends to help me name this quilt.  Marcia of RuntoMomma hit the nail on the head.  She said, "I think that the two lines on the right look quite similar.. the same thing that everyone else is doing.. but the "road" on the left.. or the "path" on the left.. that is your own.  Do your own thing.  Here is a link to the Robert Frost poem "The Road Less Traveled"  http://www.amandashome.com/road.html  To me it means.. be an individual, and don't be afraid to do your own thing."

I think this is a perfect poem to send with this quilt to a young girl heading off for her first time into the world of College.  I hope she chooses the road less traveled!

Thanks so much everyone for your creative naming ideas.  I will definitely use your assistance in the future!!!

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  1. I have no name suggestions, but this is one great quilt. I love how you pieced it. What a fun idea.

  2. Awesome kiddo...it reminds me of a fern so how about "Fern" or "Unfurled" or "The Beginning" "New Growth" since this is a new chapter in that young girl's life. Lucky girl to have people that care that much about her to commission a quilt...she will go far!:)

  3. First, Val - I love everything about that quilt! It is gorgeous!! I too imagine it as some sweet plant waving in the breeze. I really like DeeRoo's suggestion on "Unfurled". I would also think something like "Summer Breeze" or something like that! Well done, lady!! It's awesome! That is one lucky babysitter! :)

  4. The Road Less Traveled :)

    Sometimes the road less traveled leads you to the greatest treasures.

  5. freaking awesome quilt. lucky babysitter!

  6. That is one of my favorite poems ever. You did a beautiful job - I LOVE unique quilts like this! Go you! :)

  7. Oh my gosh.. I am so honored :)

  8. I love your quilt. Gorgeous! And I'm obviously going to have to try one of those pens - I'm always a bit afraid to mark on the quilt top for fear the markings won't go away when I want them to.

    I always do quilt binding on the machine. I know there are binding snobs - uh, perfectionists - out there, but I'm not one of them. I'm glad you tried it.

  9. Love this quilt, and it's a perfect name. :D

  10. It's beautiful and will be loved dearly.


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