Bobbie's Stacked Coin Quilt

I'm sure you've all been there.  You've made a quilt as a gift for someone and you just didn't want to give it up.  That was the case with this bad-bad baby (as my son, Ethan, would say).  I knew I wanted to make a  stacked coin quilt for my Mother-in-law and had picked up two charm packs at the Missouri Quilt Company; Joel Dewberry's Deer Valley & Valori Well's Delhi.    The colors are bright and fun and mesh really well together.  My friend, Lindsay, and I love these quilts so much that we started a Stacked Coin Quilts flickr group for everyone to share their photos of their stacked coins.  

I cut all the fabric from the charm packs in half and sewed them in 5 long strips. I accented each strip by adding a white border to make them pop.  I wanted to make the layout slightly different than the original stacked coin quilts that have the strips all lined up in a straight row.  I thought about maybe slanting one strip off kilter or maybe having 4 of the strips in a row and one lower than the rest.  I ended up stair stepping the strips.  The background is a dark purple sateen that is super soft. Amy Butler's coriander print was used for the binding!!!  This was only my second time free motion quilting.  I really love the look of it, but hate the fact that my thread breaks every time I try to do it.  Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?  

The back:  I had it all layed out and my husband, Matt, had me add the little blue scrap because he said when he studied Native American art at Wabash College, the Indians would add something random to their piece to "ward off the evil spirits."  Looks like the coast is clear with this quilt!

When it comes time to take the pictures, the only person at home when the sun is shining, tall enough to help me, is my 5 year old son.

He has to stand on a step stool and hold the quilt straight up over his head for much longer than he would like.  I'm sure you've all done this yourself and know how much it hurts your muscles.  I finally get Ethan to cooperate with me and then the wind decides not to.

I think this photo shoot is over!



  1. I love this quilt. I really want to make one like it. Maybe I'll add it to the list.

  2. I'd love to see what you come up with, Kati!

  3. I love a stacked coins quilt and I like how you staggered the strips.

    When I first started FMQ I had lots of thread breakage. Then I started using Essential Thread from Connecting Threads and rarely have thread breaks now.

  4. FMQ: you might need to lower your needle tension. The bobbin tension is the most important thing so you can play a little with the needle tension. Also, don't use a bad thread. It could be a perfectly nice brand but it might not be the best for your machine. Check for good threads to use with your type of machine.

  5. I am such a quilter groupie - I just love reading this blog and looking at your pictures. One day I will be a quilter too! (Working on my first one!)

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