Ticker Tape Quilt... let the obsession begin!

Crazy Mom Quilts.
Hopefully, you've all heard of Amanda Jean and have followed her in amazement as she creates new and amazing quilts.  The Ticker Tape Quilt was one of her incredible inventions.  It has become such a huge hit that it is now part of Dana @ Old Red Barn Co's 9th Quilt-Along.  You can follow all the progress of everyone involved on flickr.  The ticker tape quilt is a way to use up itty-bitty scraps by arranging them in a mosaic pattern on top of an already pre-sandwiched quilt.  Pre-sandwiched, is that a word?


For the past year or two, I have been saving all my scrap fabric.  I wasn't aware that I was supposed to save my scraps until one sewing evening, Lindsay said to me as I was throwing them away, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"  "Um, I'm throwing away my trash."  "Don't you know you should be saving those to make a CrazyMomQuilts Ticker Tape Quilt!!!?"  From then on, I've saved each and every one.  (Unless it is too microscopic and then I give it to Lindsay).  I save the scraps in an old Cheese Ball container from Sam's Club.  I took my "Cheese Ball" to my first Indianapolis Modern Quilt Guild meeting because we were making wonky blocks from our scraps.  They thought my container was hilarious.  I guess I never thought anything about it until then.

Ok, back to the Ticker Tape Quilt.
I have decided to join the Quilt-Along and I am so glad that I did.  I think the ticker tape quilt has become a new obsession of mine.  It is addicting, to say the least.  Here is a reveal of the bottom left quadrant of my quilt.

Any guesses of what it is going to end up as?  I'll give you a two clues:
1.  It lives outside.
2.  When it speaks it asks a one word question.




  1. I know, I know! It's an owl!!

  2. Holy cow!??? An owl???

    PLEASE SHOW ME MORE. I'm sooooo copying this! :)

  3. More to come! Stay tuned my Da(y)nas!!!

  4. god, i love that cheeseball container. put that on the list of reasons to have children.

    i'm still getting my idea together. it starts tomorrow!

  5. I thought it might be a pinwheel and say Whheeee - beautiful quilt


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