Ticker Tape Quilt...The surprise is revealed!

On my last post, I asked if anyone could guess what animal I planned to make with this quilt. 

The two clues were: 
1.  It lives outside
2. When it speaks it asks a one word question. 

Dayna guessed an owl and...
She was right!!!

Here is a photo of 2 of the 4 quadrants laying next to each other.  I still have no idea how I am going to join the four finished quadrants, but Dee of Deeroo designs promises me that if I trust her, she will show me the way.  I guess this means I have to trust her!

Here is a close up of quadrant #2.  I used a pencil on the plain white top fabric to draw the eyes and nose.  It helped having that as a guide.  Dee also said to leave a 1/2 inch of space along the sides, so I drew that 1/2 inch border with my pencil as well.

When I started this quilt, I knew I wanted to incorporate an owl into it somehow.  I wasn't sure how I was going to do this so I started scouring flickr for inspiration.  I searched "owls" and within a few pages this little cutie appeared.  It was designed by eberfdias.  I sent him (I think it is a him) an email message via flickr asking him if he would mind if I used his design as inspiration for this quilt and he said he would be honored.

What do you think so far?



  1. I love how this is coming out. Now your clues make total sense, but it just didn't click for me. I've never really wanted to make a ticker tape, but I think having a pattern like yours really makes it impressive.

  2. i love it! such intricate work with all those pieces! can't wait to see it finished.

  3. I love this quadrant! And I love saying "quadrant." I saw your picture in the ORB flickr pool and it really caught my eye. Fantastic and I can't wait to see it all together!

  4. I really want to see what this looks like finished....very interesting so far.

  5. OMG - How clever...can't wait to see it finished! I haven't even started but, boy you got me thinking out side the box!!


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