Heroes Blocks from Julie, SuperSara, Michelle, & Alison from Australia!

 I have so many new blocks to report for my Heroes Quilt!

First we have Julie's cute block from DistantPickles.  I see MoMo in there! Love it!

I am loving this pink/blue combo!!!

So sweet, Julie!

Next we have two amazing blocks from SuperSara20.

Sara, thank you so much for taking the time to make two blocks and write this heartfelt letter!

Then there is Michelle of Michelle's Musings' wonderful block.

She even has cute stamps!!! 

And finally, two great blocks from AUSTRALIA!!!!  Alison of Alioop... they are just fab!!!

...and a look at how far we have come so far! 

Thanks again for everyone who has helped about!  I really appreciate it.
Happy Hump Day.  See ya in December!

I'm linkin' up w/ Lee of Freshly Pieced @ WiP Wednesday.


  1. oh wow I love those string blocks!!

  2. SO beautiful!!! THis gives me chills!!

  3. My mom has ovarian cancer and I was so honored to be able to gift a quilt to another cancer patient having treatment at the same center. I have found out she is in hospital on a vent and not doing well...I'm hoping my quilt helped a little during her battle. Keep up the good work and know that it is seen and appreciated from someone who has a loved one battling the great fight!

  4. Wonderful string blocks. What an amazing quilt this will be! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )


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