Heroes Blocks Have Started to Arrive!

I was so excited to open my mailbox today to find
that my first Heroes blocks have arrived! 
 Last week I mentioned on my blog that I wanted to make a charity quilt to raffle off at 
The Heroes Foundation Night Under The Stars Gala this February. 
 I was honestly nervous that no one would want/have time to help out. 
However, to my complete surprise, within 2 days,
over 40 amazing women stepped up to help. 
I still am in awe. 
I will be posting pictures of each as soon as they come in.

Shaylynn at Oxford Impressions sent in the first two blocks.  YEAH Shaylynn!!!


I asked each person to send in a card with their name and location on one side and on the other side a little bit about who their block(s) is in honor of.  Here is her incredible card.  I love the picture that is included.
It is just so real!

Becky of My Fabric Obsession sent in two blocks also.  I just love them!!!

Here is her sweet note.  Thank you, Becky!


Here is the quilt so far.  I know it's not much yet,
but I couldn't help taking a picture off all the blocks laid out together.

Thanks again, Shaylynn & Becky.  I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!!!



  1. this is going to be beautiful. i just stitched my block today and will drop it in the mailbox tomorrow.

  2. I have mine stitched and packaged but then came down with a nasty cold and haven't left the house in two days. Will post on Monday I hope. Sorry for the delay. They are so pretty so far and were fun to make. I'm going to have to pull scraps for one for me next!

  3. Just need to get an envelope and redo my cards (don't ask, it was a crazy day when I did them). Hopefully tomorrow or Monday I'll be able to send them out to you! :)

  4. Got one done and want to do one more before I send them off to you. This is so much fun too.

  5. YAY! cant wait to see them all!


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