Mystery Hero Quilt Blocks

Thank you Charlotte of GrammieQ's for two adorable blocks!!!

I received the prettiest blocks yesterday for my Heroes Helping Heroes Quilt.  
The problem is, I don't know made them.  

Here are my only clues:
1. Her last name is Maxwell. 
2. She is from Chapel Hill, NC.  
3. Her brother's name is Kevin Avery.

Whoever you are...please leave me a comment so I can personally thank you for your blocks!  
I really appreciate it!


  1. Sorry Val, I guess in my haste to get them in the mail, I left out that one important detail...my name. Life is crazy like that sometimes. My name is Charlotte Maxwell and I blog at grammieq.blogspot.com. As a matter of fact I blogged about the blocks the other day. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this great cause. Charlotte


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