Lindsay, Cindy, & Terri's Hero Blocks

I was lucky enough to spend this weekend with 8 of my best girlfriends from High School in Chicago.  We meet once a year and usually come home with sore tummies from having laughed all weekend long.  This year was no exception!  I truly am blessed to have this special group of women in my life!

Another thing I am thankful for is the generosity for all the ladies helping me with my Heroes Helping Heroes quilt.  I received 4 more blocks over the weekend! 

Lindsay of Linzsews made this bright, cheery block in honor of her late Grandma. 
(Thanks Linz, I love it!)

Cindy of Hyacinth Quilt Designs sent in two amazing blocks.  I love the grays throughout the blocks, but I especially LOVE the Laurie Wisbrun tufted tweets chairs!!!
Cindy, your note made me cry!

Terri of The Fox's Den sent in a block with one two of my favorite scraps so far.  The orange henna garden scrap and the wee little "Swimmy" fish from Heather Ross.  I LOVE IT!!!

I was a college swimmer, so I have a weakness for anything named Swimmy!

Ok, now my lack of a design wall is about to cause me trouble.  This is my dining room table and I think this is the last photo I will be able to take before chairs are going to invading in my picture.  Hmmm...I'll figure something out.

Thanks again ladies for your incredible blocks.  They all look delicious together!!!



  1. That is going to be one gorgeous quilt. I hope it raises lots of money for the cause.

  2. I am glad that you like my block!! Those note get me teary every time I read them!! This is really a very special quilt!! :)

  3. This quilt is looking fabulous-er and fabulous-er! It's going to be a good size, too, by the time you get all 40 people's blocks, which is great!


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