It's starting to really look like a quilt!

I have many new blocks to share that are really bringing the Heroes Helping Heroes {2} quilt together.  

First up is my CosmicThimble partner, Lindsay, who blogs over at ElleSquare.  She made two blocks for me.  The blue is definitely her color and I believe she put that little bit of pink in there for me.  Thanks girl, for helping out!

I want to say an extra special thanks to Julie, of Distant Pickle.  Not only did she send two gorgeous blocks,  but she also sent an ENTIRE QUILT!  However, I wish that quilt was with someone else.  Let me explain: Julie made this quilt for her Grandfather when she found out he was diagnosed with cancer.  She worked around the clock to get it finished for him so that it would comfort him while getting treatment or just to feel her love when laying under it.  Unfortunately, just as she was finishing it up, she got the phone call that he had passed.  Julie has generously donated this quilt to the Heroes Foundation silent auction.  She hopes to raise money for the very disease that took him.  Thank you, Julie!

Next up is Tisha of QuiltyTherapy and the Indianapolis Modern Quilt Guild.   Thanks, Tisha, for your yummy pink filled blocks!  How did you guess that was my favorite color?  And how is that baby doing in your belly?

Erin Metzler has sent this incredible block.  I love that the colors are all from the darker palette and so different from what I've received so far.  Thank you, Erin!

And finally, Betsy has sent this really cool block.  I love the orange and grey combo.  Thank you so much, Betsy for being a part of this quilt.

Here is what we what the quilt looks like so far...




My Bottled Rainbows Quilt is FINALLY finished!!!

Just under 2 year!  
That's all it took to whip this bad boy out.  I just looked back through my blog to see when I started the Bottled Rainbows Quilt Along and it was 2/28/2011.  
Woopsie daisies!

Now it is off to trim all the stray threads and take some good pics to post!
I'm so glad to cross this off the to-do list!

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2 more blocks in the mail and a Play date w/ some Brownies!

 Yeah!!!  I received two more blocks in the mail today for my Heroes Helping Heroes Quilt #2!  First was Terri's {The Fox's Den} red & blue block.  I love the colors.  Thanks, Terri!

Next, Jess over at Quilty Habit sent this gorgeous block.  If you go check out her blog, you may just get sucked into all her fun wedding photos.  You looked great, Jess!

Now, I saved the best for last.  Since my friend Meg got me involved with the Heroes Foundation last year, I thought it only appropriate to ask if her daughter and friends would like to help me with a block or two for the quilt.  She volunteered a few girls from her daughter's Brownie troop to help me out.  Let me just say, having all these girls over was a blast.  My 3 boys spent most of the time chasing them around, but we did manage to whip up 2 blocks.  They turned out great.  

It is looking so AMAZING!!!  

Thanks for all your help!!!

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More awesome blocks have arrived!

My Heroes Helping Heroes Quilt #2 is really coming along nicely!  I received 4 more blocks in the mail.  

All the way from across the pond, Charlotte of Displacement Activity, my British buddy, sent this great block.  It is perfectly wonky, Charlotte.  Thank you.

Next, Kristi of St. Louis Folk Victorian, sent two block!  I love the colors she used, especially the gray.

...and that orange is pretty sweet as well!  Thank you, Kristy!!!

Next, Lindsay of Linz Sews, sent this great block.  She dedicated the block to her friend, Starla, who is now cancer free for 2 years.  Thanks, Linz!

Stay tuned for a super fun post to come.  I had some mini helpers over today to help make a few blocks.  
I can't wait to share them with you!



10 blocks!

This quilt is quickly turning into my favorite quilt...EVER!  I received 6 blocks today and this has really allowed the quilt to take form.  

Pam of Quilting Square One sent 4 blocks!!!  I really can not thank her enough for doing this.  

I love that she dedicated these blocks to her Mom.

Then, tonight I had a pleasant knock at the door to find Elizabeth of Inspire Me Grey with two more blocks in hand.  She said they look a bit like candy.  Elizabeth, I love candy, so they are perfect!  Thanks you!

Ahhh....this quilt is so fun to admire!!!



I've received my first two blocks for the Heroes Quilt!

Yeah!!!!  Look what came in the mail yesterday....

 and this...

Thank you so much, Jenny of Cut.Sew.Iron.Repeat!!!  You are the first one to send in your blocks for The Heroes Helping Heroes {take 2} Quilt and they are awesome!   This is so exciting!



wonky improv circle block tutorial

Let's make improv wonky circles, shall we???  
(Acutally, 4 of these blocks together make the circle)

You will need:

  • Solid, 100% cotton fabric (4-7 colors per block).  If you have left over scrap fabric, that is even better!  Kona cotton is my favorite.
  • A cutting mat
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • A ruler
Please read Tutorial in it's entirety before starting.
Seam Allowance = 1/4"
Completed block will be 14.5" x 14.5".

1.  Start by cutting your first piece in a 1/4 circle with one corner at a perfect right angle.  There is no exact measurement for these pieces, but just make sure this piece is not too small to start out with. If the straight edges measure somewhere between 7-10", minimum, that should be a good starting point.  It tends to get smaller the more layers you add and the more trimming you do.

2.  Set the first 1/4 circle piece of fabric on top of the next color of your choice.  In the picture below, I have drawn dotted lines so that you can imagine where you will be trimming after you sew these two pieces together.  Make sure your 2nd color extends a few inches past your first piece of fabric (where these dotted lines are drawn).

3.  Pin the two pieces together if you'd like so that they don't move.  I'm not much of a pinner, so I don't have a pin in the picture, but it wouldn't hurt to throw one in there.  Cut the 2nd piece of fabric (pink) mimicking the curved line of the 1st piece of fabric.  

3.  Remove the fabric that is under the first 1/4 circle and put it in your scrap bin.  You will no longer need this.

4.  Choose a spot where the two pieces of fabric line up together near the center.  Mark these two spots with a pin on each piece.

5.  Fold the 2nd color fabric (pink) directly on top of the 1st piece of fabric (green).  The two pins should now be kissing.

6.  Remove the two {lovebird} pins that are now on the inside of the two fabric pieces and replace them with one pin on the outside that is in the exact same spot.  

7.  Pin and pin and pin along the edge of the two pieces of fabric.  

8.  Sew the two pieces together using 1/4" seam allowance. Hint:  It helps if you start with the 2nd color fabric along the bottom so that the machine has something to start sewing into at the beginning.  When I started with the 1st color (green) on the bottom, the thread jammed up a bit and I had to start over.

9.  Press seams towards the 2nd color.

10.  Trim up along the right angle.  

11.  Set the block on your next color fabric of choice.  Remember to imagine those dotted lines like in step 2 so that you have plenty of fabric to use.

12.  Trim away the corners about an inch from where your imaginary dotted lines are.

13.  Pin the block to the 3rd color (yellow) and trim both pieces together creating a new curve.

14.  Just like in step 4, choose a point in the middle where the two pieces meet and mark both with a pin.

15.  Fold the 3rd color (yellow) on top of the 2nd color (pink) and smooch the pins again.  

16.  Remove the pins from the inside sandwich and replace them with one on the outside marking the exact same spot.  Then continue along that edge pinning and pinning and pinning.  

17.  Sew the seams together and then press toward the third color (yellow).

18.  Trim up the right angle.

19.  Choose another color and repeat the process again.

Lay out on new color of fabric.


Kiss pins, then move pin to outside.
Pin, pin, pin.

Sew, then press open.

Trim to a 90 degree angle.

20.  Add another color or two and then trim it up to 14.5" x 14.5".  And wallah!

Now for a little tip:

When you cut the curves, it may be a good idea to use a chalk pencil to see where you want you line to be.  It is very easy for the lines to become more diagonal than curved.  Try really hard to make them 1/4 circles.  (I feel like my yellow lines above are too diagonal rather than circular.)

Two blocks together....two more on the bottom and you've got your improv wonky circle.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  If you are helping out with the Heroes Helping Heroes quilt, don't feel like you need to make an entire circle (4 blocks).  One block is perfect!