My UK Adventure!

   HELLO!!!!!!!!!   It has been way way way too long since I've been in touch! I have just gotten back from an incredible adventure that I can't wait to share.  My big brother recently got married to a lovely British gal in Cambridge, England.  This was my first time over The Pond and the experience did not disappoint!   Our trip started off by visiting family in Scotland for 4 days.  Luckily, they had record high temps while we were there making the trip that much more enjoyable!

Eyemouth, Scotland

We took a day trip to Edinburgh (anything to see more castles)!

Next, we headed to Cambridge so the boys could be the ring bearers in the wedding.  
They were dressed in tuxedos and Chuck Taylor's All Stars sneakers.  (Chucks & Tuxs!)

It was a beautiful wedding on a perfect day.  I'm so glad to finally have a sister!!!

photo taken by http://www.stillvision.co.uk/

Then we headed off to Paris for a few days.  We figured that since we were so close, we might as well go!  This may not have been the brightest idea with 3 small boys in tow, but I am glad that I got to experience it!

On our way to La Basilique du Sacre Coeur in Mont Martre, we passed by this sculpture.  Does anyone know what this is and why there is a shiny buttocks on the stone wall?  There was a school field trip that was studying this as we passed by, so I know it must have some important story "behind" it.  
Just curious if anyone has a clue about this?

It definitely was the best vacation I've ever taken and I can't wait to get back there again!  I also can't wait to get back to sewing!