Merry Christmas everyone!  It is now 10:45pm and I can not believe I am still awake.  I have been up since about 2am, when my 6 year old decided to go see if Santa had come to our house yet.  Unfortuntaely, he had, and Ethan decided he needed to wake up his brothers because it was time to open presents.  I finally got them back to bed without unwrapping anything but they were up again at 5:30am.  I am glad they are so excited and I remember the feeling but come on.  That just was not cool!

I have been receiving some wonderful blocks for my Heroes Quilt that I am working on for a charity auction in February.  The first one comes from Betsy.  She sent a great note with her block. Thank you, Betsy!

Deb from Little Ms. Sew-Unsew (great blog name btw) sent this gorgeous block.  I love her post about this block here.  Thanks, Deb!

Ella from Throw a Wench In It, generously sent me FOUR blocks!!! They are all dedicated to different people and have such heartfelt notes. Thank you so much, Ella!

I finished up a duvet quilt for a friend yesterday. I will post pics soon.
Have a great Christmas everyone!


....and the winner is....

I wanted to thank everyone for stopping by and entering my Giveaway

I used the random generator to choose the winner and here is what was chosen:

#3!    Congrats, Kari @ The Purple Quiltapotamus!  Kari wins my vote for the world's best blog name, ever!

Kari, check out my etsy site because Lindsay has uploaded a bunch of new pin cushion rings and bracelets.  Let me know which one you'd like.  I will also need you to email me your address to val dot campbell dot 4320 @ gmail.com.

Merry Christmas and congrats! 



Tear Jerker!

You guys would not believe the presents that I have received over the last week.  I wish I got keep them, but it is more fun to pass them along anyways!  These new blocks are all incredible and are making this Heroes Quilt more than I ever imagined.

First of all, Angela aka WandaFish, took my breath away when I opened her package and found all this....
Not only did she send FOUR blocks, but she also sent gifts for the boys.  THANK YOU, ANGELA!!!

Either I'm living in a bubble (which is entirely possible) or these Magical Elves have not graced the shelves in the US yet.  OMG!!!!!!!!  Why have they not?  They are incredible.  Milk chocolate mixed with Pop Rocks.  What could be better? 

More chocolate and Reindeer Food for the boys to sprinkle outside on Christmas Eve.

...and four beautiful blocks.  I don't know which one is my favorite.  I love them all.


Heather Givens of CrimsonTate sent this badass block.  Heather just opened up a new fabric shop in downtown Indy that is awesome.  Thanks, CrimsonTate!!!

Susannah, who I was told is just learning to sew, sent this incredible block.  Love the Katie Jump Rope fabric!!! Thanks, Susannah!  You could have fooled me that you are just learning to sew.

Now for the another tear jerker.  Elizabeth, who is in my Modern Quilt Guild, and who is teaching Susannah (above) how to sew, sent this great block along with an inspiring card.  Way to beat it, Elizabeth!!!

My boys love the blocks that Jess sent me.  I will give you one guess why!  Thank you, Jess! (Jess, I don't have a blog for you, but leave me a comment if you have one I can link up to!)

The final block of the week was from Deb of Trio Stitch Studio.  I just love the strip with the letters and all the Denyse Schmidt fabric.  Thanks, Deb!

Talk about the cutest card ever!  Check this baby out....

Lookie lookie...
I've sewn the bottom 4 rows together so far.  It looks amazing you guys!!!!
*the lighting just doesn't do this quilt justice*

Have a wonderful weekend!


It's Giveaway Time!

The Quilting Gallery is having a Blog Hop Party in honor of their 4th Birthday. 
There are over 150 bloggers participating in this Giveaway Blog Hop.
Most Blogger's Giveaways will run from December 9th through December 17th. 
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I wanted to share some Holiday Cheer here at PinkPlease by joining in on the Giveaway Blog Hop! 

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This giveaway will expire at 10pm, EST on Sunday, December 17th.

Thanks for stopping by and good luck!!!



Blocks from Kristy, Kati, Jess, & Katie!

More gorgeous blocks have been coming in for my Heroes Helping Heroes quilt. 
Kristy from the St.Louis Folk Victorian sent in two blocks.  The colors are so soft and beautiful.  Thanks, Kristy!

Next, Kati of From the Blue Chair sent in a fantastic block with a very touching card.  I call Kati my blog mama because when I first started my blog, she took a lot of time to answer all my questions.  She was also my partner in my very first Flickr swap.  You can see her post about it here.  Thanks for everything, Kati!

Jess over at Quilt Therapy sent in this very colorful block with a super sweet note. 
I love the Tufted Tweets (purple chairs) by Laurie Wisbrun!!!
Thank you, Jess!


Katie of Good Better Best (Best of Life Seen All Week) sent in a super fun block w/ polka dots, stripes, and cherries.  I LOVE the cherries!!!
I love your note too, Katie. Thank you!

The blocks have now completely covered my dining room table.  I think I will sew a few strips together to make room for more blocks.  You all have helped make a beautiful quilt!!!

FYI...I will be having a giveaway here in the next day or so.  Come back to see what goodies you could win!



Heroes Blocks from Julie, SuperSara, Michelle, & Alison from Australia!

 I have so many new blocks to report for my Heroes Quilt!

First we have Julie's cute block from DistantPickles.  I see MoMo in there! Love it!

I am loving this pink/blue combo!!!

So sweet, Julie!

Next we have two amazing blocks from SuperSara20.

Sara, thank you so much for taking the time to make two blocks and write this heartfelt letter!

Then there is Michelle of Michelle's Musings' wonderful block.

She even has cute stamps!!! 

And finally, two great blocks from AUSTRALIA!!!!  Alison of Alioop... they are just fab!!!

...and a look at how far we have come so far! 

Thanks again for everyone who has helped about!  I really appreciate it.
Happy Hump Day.  See ya in December!

I'm linkin' up w/ Lee of Freshly Pieced @ WiP Wednesday.