Teacher or Director Appreciation Gift

The director from my two sons Pre-School recently retired after more than 20 years.  The Moms wanted to make her a gift that she would cherish forever.  

We have one of the coolest paint-your-own pottery places in town called Half Baked Pottery.  Kristen, the owner, let me borrow paint and I took the plate & paint to the Pre-School to have all the kids make their fingerprint impression around the plate.  

I then came up with a quote and printed it out on the computer and traced it onto the plate.  I used a pencil that withstands firing to write the words.  When it came out of the kiln, I wasn't happy with the pencil because it was too light.  I decided to trace over the pencil with a Sharpie.  It turned out much better and really popped!

I hope she loves it!

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