Heroes Blocks from Julie, SuperSara, Michelle, & Alison from Australia!

 I have so many new blocks to report for my Heroes Quilt!

First we have Julie's cute block from DistantPickles.  I see MoMo in there! Love it!

I am loving this pink/blue combo!!!

So sweet, Julie!

Next we have two amazing blocks from SuperSara20.

Sara, thank you so much for taking the time to make two blocks and write this heartfelt letter!

Then there is Michelle of Michelle's Musings' wonderful block.

She even has cute stamps!!! 

And finally, two great blocks from AUSTRALIA!!!!  Alison of Alioop... they are just fab!!!

...and a look at how far we have come so far! 

Thanks again for everyone who has helped about!  I really appreciate it.
Happy Hump Day.  See ya in December!

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6 new blocks!

My Heroes Helping Heroes Quilt is growing and growing!
This weekend I received 6 new blocks to add to the quilt.
Wendi of Prsd4tim2 sent in two wonderful blocks.  

What a touching card!

My CosmicThimble partner, Lindsay of Ellesquare, made her very first string block seen here. 
 She immediately became addicted and has made two string block throw pillows for her couch consisting of 
4 blocks each.  
Uh hum...you're welcome, Linds!

Rachael Adele Hager, who is in the Indianapolis Modern Quilt Guild with me 
sent in this adorable block.  Thanks, Rachael!

Linsday of Craftbuds & LindsaySews, who is also in the Indianapolis Modern Quilt Guild, sent this rockin' block.  I love love love the Pink Amy Butler coriander right in the middle. 

Katie of SwimBikeQuilt, who is a member of my virtual quilting bee, A Notion or Two Bee, also sent an awesome block.  
Thank you, thank you, thank you ladies!  

Every time I walk by my dining room table, I have to stop in my tracks and just stare.  This beautiful piece of art has formed from so many incredible people coming together with one common goal: To kick cancer's butt! 



Charlotte & Tammy's Hero Blocks

I just received my first international blocks for my Heroes QuiltCharlotte from London, England, sent two beautiful blocks filled with Denyse Schmidt's new fabric. I love the combo of colors she used!

Goosebumps!  Every time I read this!  That is all I have to say about this card!

Tammy, aka my lifesavor, aka the woman who generously donated her Longarm Quilting skills for this quilt sent this super fun block.  Thanks again, Tammy, for offering to quilt this.  I owe you big time!

It's starting to actually look like a quilt!  YEAH!!!

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Lindsay, Cindy, & Terri's Hero Blocks

I was lucky enough to spend this weekend with 8 of my best girlfriends from High School in Chicago.  We meet once a year and usually come home with sore tummies from having laughed all weekend long.  This year was no exception!  I truly am blessed to have this special group of women in my life!

Another thing I am thankful for is the generosity for all the ladies helping me with my Heroes Helping Heroes quilt.  I received 4 more blocks over the weekend! 

Lindsay of Linzsews made this bright, cheery block in honor of her late Grandma. 
(Thanks Linz, I love it!)

Cindy of Hyacinth Quilt Designs sent in two amazing blocks.  I love the grays throughout the blocks, but I especially LOVE the Laurie Wisbrun tufted tweets chairs!!!
Cindy, your note made me cry!

Terri of The Fox's Den sent in a block with one two of my favorite scraps so far.  The orange henna garden scrap and the wee little "Swimmy" fish from Heather Ross.  I LOVE IT!!!

I was a college swimmer, so I have a weakness for anything named Swimmy!

Ok, now my lack of a design wall is about to cause me trouble.  This is my dining room table and I think this is the last photo I will be able to take before chairs are going to invading in my picture.  Hmmm...I'll figure something out.

Thanks again ladies for your incredible blocks.  They all look delicious together!!!



Mystery Hero Quilt Blocks

Thank you Charlotte of GrammieQ's for two adorable blocks!!!

I received the prettiest blocks yesterday for my Heroes Helping Heroes Quilt.  
The problem is, I don't know made them.  

Here are my only clues:
1. Her last name is Maxwell. 
2. She is from Chapel Hill, NC.  
3. Her brother's name is Kevin Avery.

Whoever you are...please leave me a comment so I can personally thank you for your blocks!  
I really appreciate it!


Kelly's Hero Block

Today I received a Heroes Helping Heroes block from Kelly of Zerbert.
It is chalked full of lovely Denyse Schmidt fabric! 

 Kelly's card brings a smile to my face.  I love that this block is in honor of someone who battled cancer and won!  (also...please notice the Flea Market Fancy stationary.  Where did you get this, Kelly?  I love it!)

It's starting to slowly come together.  I love watching this quilt grow!

Happy Hump Day everyone!


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Heroes Blocks from Beezus & Mary Claire

Four more Heroes Blocks came in the mail today.  Everyone is blowing me away by sending two blocks rather than one.  You girls are amazing.  Take a look at these lovely blocks...

Mary Claire of Splendor Falls sent in these two beauties.  When I looked at them, I felt like they were made straight from my scrap bin.  Love them, Mary Claire!!!

When I first posted about this quilt, Maria of Beezus Complex mentioned that she would like to help out, but may not be able to get to her block for awhile.  She told me to check out her blog if I wanted to know why.  Being the curious type, I snooped on over to see what Maria was up to.  My jaw dropped when I realized that she currently has cancer and wouldn't be able to help me because she is undergoing treatment.  
Maria, is an inspiration and makes me want to create 100 more of these quilts. 
She is so strong and is going to beat this disease and has made a new friend (me!) along the way!

9 blocks so far!  Aren't they beautiful?!!!