Another great mail day!

So I recently got a my I. Heart. The. 80's. Swap package in the mail and it is like, totally dreamy!!!!

In addition to the mosaic that I made for my partner to help give her inspiration for the swap, I gave her a few additional facts about myself in the 80's.

1.  I LOVED River Phoenix!

***guilty admission:  I just spent about 15 minutes looking through Google Images at all the River Phoenix photos trying to choose the BEST one.  It was really hard to do because he looks soooo good!!!

2.  I was in a club in the 4th grade called I.H.E.B.B.  (I Hate Everything But Boys)
(There were only 4 of us in the club!)

So you can only imagine how thrilled I was to find in my package this bag:

Jenny of JennyGoLightly was my swap partner and she hand embroidered cute doodles and sayings all over this adorable bag.  

Here's the back (a little Breakfast Club reference):

She also had these three lovely 80's inspired pouches inside the bag...

I just love the colors AND...


Thank you so much, Jenny!  You outdid yourself!!!


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  1. Awesome pouches. Love the Manilow quip - gosh, does that and good ol' droolable River Phoenix bring back memories!


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