One-of-a-kind Kindergarten Teacher Gift

Kindergarten teachers are amazing!  They are able to tame 25 children (many times more), get them to sit still, listen, inquire, learn, raise their hands when they have a question, ask permission to use the restroom, be sweet to their friends, all while having fun doing it.  I have a hard enough time getting my oldest son to sit down to eat a meal.

This Christmas, I wanted to make something extra special for Ethan's Kindergarten teacher.  One evening when I was at a Paint-Your-Own Pottery shop called Half Baked Pottery, I saw a plate displayed on the wall that inspired me.  The owner was nice enough to loan me a box of paints to take with me to the school.  It took a few classroom volunteer days to complete the project, but it was well worth it.  Each child put their thumbprint around the plate.  I wrote their names above their print with a special pencil that does not burn off in the kiln. I then wrote the quote in the middle of the plate using the same pencil and finished it off with some decorative dots.

Watching the expressions on the kids faces as their teacher opened her gift, was incredible.  Seeing her cry when she opened made it even better!

I also made a plate for Caleb's teacher.  It did not take nearly as long since there are only 7 kids in his class.  


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