Heroes Helping Heroes!

I am just blown away by the response I received from my post yesterday asking for volunteers to help make a quilt for the Heroes Foundation silent auction to raise money for cancer!  My heart is definitely feeling warm and fuzzy right now! 

In less than 24 hours, 30 amazing women stepped up to help with this quilt.  Every one of these people have been touched by cancer in one way or another.  Many have family/friends who have had cancer, some are survivors themselves, and one is currently battling (and kicking it's butt) right now.

If you know anyone who would like to help, please have them send me a note in the comment section below.  Also if anyone has something they'd like to donate to the silent auction, please let me know that as well.

Thanks again ladies!  You are truly incredible!

My heroes:
1.  Rachael
2.  Jess
3.  Kelly
4.  Debra
5.  Kati
6.  Angela aka WandaFish (in NW England)
7.  Julie
8.  Ella
9.  Charlotte (in London)
10.  Charlotte
11.  Jessica
12.  Terri
13.  CrimsonTate
14.  SuperSara (2)
15.  Michelle
16.  Linz
17.  Amanda
18.  Elizabeth
19.  Esther
20.  Tammy
21.  Katie
22.  Beezus
23.  Shaylynn
24.  Kelsey
25.  Lindsay
26.  Tracy
27.  Ellesquare
28.  Wendi
29.  Dayna
30.  Oh, Jenny Mae
31.  Becky
32.  Mary Claire
33.  Kristy
34.  Aline
35.  Juli Ann
36.  Greencheek
37.  Susannah
38.  Cindy
39.  Traci H.
40.  Betsy
41.  Lotti
42.  Julia
43.  Alison (Melbourne, Australia!)
44. Charlotte
45.  Deborah



  1. I don't mind making 2 blocks if you can't get the 11 more... When will we get the block size and other deets?? Excited to help on this one!

  2. so happy to be representing the rest of the world ;-)

  3. Hi! I'm happy to help out too! My email is splendorfallssews(at)yahoo(dot)com

  4. Hi! I would love to help out. What a great cause and great idea. Email is aline.bahamondez@gmail.com. (I tried posting earlier and wasn't able to - sorry if there are multiple posts)

  5. My name is Juli Ann and my uncle is battling pancreatic cancer. I would love to make a block in his honor. My email is dnhue99@yahoo.com.

  6. Of course! email is greencheek@nycap.rr.com

  7. I took a look at Film in the Fridge's tutorial. Easy peasy. What size do you want it to be and when do you want it? I'm raring to sew!!

  8. If you still need people then I'm happy to help. My cousins wife is currently battling breast cancer, she is only 30. She is having to fly to Germany every week for treatment and it is costing nearly £2000 a week!

  9. You bet..would love to help out with this great cause. My email is betsyup@veizon.net.

  10. Great idea! I'm happy to make a block! Count me in!

  11. Did you get all the blocks you needed? My mother and I would gladly contribute. We lost my grandfather January 9, 2011, to pancreatic cancer. He was diagnosed December 9 of 2010 and fought hard for that one month.

  12. Do you need more blocks? I just found this when I stumbled across Terri's (The Quilted Fox) blog. I'd love to help, if you have room! My FIL lost his battle with leukemia in 2002 - we miss him so much. debra_J_brown@hotmail.com


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