...and the winner of the Just Wing It Jelly Roll is...

#52:  Laura Selph who wrote: I follow the fat quarter shop on facebook!

Congrats, Laura.  From your blog you look like a super Mom!  I hope you enjoy your Jelly Roll.  Please make sure to share with me what you make!

Who knew picking a winning number could be so fun?

So, I mentioned in my giveaway post that I was going to let one of my boys pick the winning number from a hat.  I never imagined I would have 402 comments to have to stuff in that hat!  Thank you all so much for participating. 

I was not really looking forward to having to write all these numbers down, cutting them up, and then deal with choosing which boy gets to pick the number.  However, like always, one of my incredible bloggie friends came up with a solution!!!  Chelsea, of Pins and Bobbins, came up with a great idea.  She said to do multiple drawings with the kids.  In Ethan's drawing I put in numbers 1, 2, & 3.  This determined if the winning number would be 1, 2, or 3 digits.  (He chose a 2.) Caleb got to choose from numbers 0 - 9.  This determined the first digit of the winning number.  (He chose a 5.)  Jack got to choose from 0 -9, selecting the last digit, a 2.  #52!!   This was super fun for the boys and less paper for me to cut up!

The boys even wanted to keep picking numbers after we were done!

Thanks, Chelsea, for the great tip and congrats to Laura on her lucky day! 


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  1. Thank you, Thank you! Can't wait to make something with my jelly roll and what a fun way to pick a number!


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