I heart the 80's swap

I heart the 80s swap by natalie.leppard
                         I heart the 80s swap, a photo by natalie.leppard on Flickr.

I thought I was done with swaps for a bit, until I found this one...The "I heart the 80's swap!"  I tried so hard to resist, but just couldn't do it.  

Here are the details for those of you who'd love to join in and are in love with 3 things: 
sewing, swapping, & The 80's!!!

1.  First read over the rules and 'like totally' agree to them at the bottom of the page.
2.  Sign up!  There is a spreadsheet on this page that you will need to fill out giving detail about your 80's likes/dislikes to give your partner an idea of what to make you.  This is an "anything goes" swap so you can tell your partner if you'd like them to make you a bag, pouch, something for the kitchen, a mini quilt, etc.
3.  Join the I Heart the 80's swap group on Flickr so you can participate in the all the discussions (down below the pictures).  This gives your partner additional ideas for you.
4.  Make a mosaic filled with all your favorite memories from the 80's.  I use Big Huge Labs to make my mosaics.
5.  Wait for your swap mama to email you your partner info (around May 1st).  This is a secret swap, so your partner will not know you have them and vice verse. 
6.  Sign ups are open until this Friday...April 22nd!  Get over there and sign up, people.  The more people, the more fun we'll have.
7.  Mail your swap out by August 1st.  This gives you PLENTY of time to dream up something totally rad!!!

This swap has me dreaming of the 80's.  I've started a list of all my favorite things from that time in my life.  Here we go:

·        Lite bright 
·         Smurfs

·         Dr.Scholl’s clogs (I loved the sound they made when you lifted up your foot. )  (I also loved having a matching pair with my Mom)

·         Bangs  (how did you style yours?)
·         Debbie (not Deborah) Gibson
·         Swatch watches (I still have mine)
        ·         Cabbage Patch kids
·         Garbage Pail kids
·         Jelly shoes and bracelets

·         “ZRBTT” from the Cosby Show
·         Tight rolled jeans
·         Mixed cassette tapes

·         Macramed bracelets that I’d make for my friends

·         Punky Brewster 
·         Taping the same song over and over off the radio onto a cassette tape trying as hard as possible not to record the DJ’s voice.
·         The Goonies
·         Karate Kid
·         My pink and gray Huffy 10-speed.  (My best friend and I had matching bikes!)

·         Strawberry Shortcake doll that blew strawberry kisses when you squeezed her tummy.   (I always was amazed that she never ran out of those kisses.  What was there in there?)
·         Atari

·         We thought we were big time when we got one of the first VCR players and it had a mini- remote that was connected by a cord.
·         Wonder woman underoo’s
·         River. Phoenix. 

·         Stand By Me
·         The Breakfast Club
·         Friendship pins (aka safety pins w/ beads on them)


This is not 80's related, just some fun news to share. 

I entered my Owl quilt in the Quilting Gallery weekly contest.  Each week there is a different theme for each contest.  Check out this calendar to see if you have a quilt that fits one of these contests!

This week's contest was Scrappy Quilts.  There were 36 beautiful quilts submitted.  I was so shocked to open my email today and see that my quilt had won. 
This week’s sponsor is Tricia Lynn Maloney, the Orphan Quilter. She’s donated two copies of her latest book, Orphan Block Quilts: Making a Home for Antique, Vintage, Collectible, and Leftover Quilt Blocks to the top two winners. 

I'm excited to see what inspiration awaits in this book!  Thanks everyone who voted for me and thank you, Tricia, for the new book.  I really appreciate it!

I hope everyone got their taxes done and sent off today! 



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  1. Ahh the 80's! We still have our Atari (and it works)and we had the same VCR. Congrats on your quilt winning! It's a great quilt, I wasn't surprised to read that it won!


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