Bottled Rainbow Quilt Along *Teal Block*

#4.   The teal block.  I love this color!  I think my favorite scrap has got to be the Heather Ross roller skate.  What about you?  Got a fav?

Here are my first four blocks.  Sure doesn't look like a rainbow yet.  I need to get my orange on next week!


For those of you who are doing the Bottled Rainbow Quilt Along (or any other ticker tape quilt for that matter)..... this message is for you!  I just found out that if you ask for a "sample" at Joann Fabrics, they will cut you an 'inch x width of fabric' of any fabric you'd like and it... is.... FREE, baby!!!!  Let me repeat....FREE!!!!!!!!!!  As long as you don't ask for 50 samples.  You may get some dirty looks, but it is worth it!

This will come in handy if you don't have a lot of scraps in one particular colorway. 

Hope this helps!!!

I'm linking up with Lee's "W.i.P. Wednesday" over at Freshly Pieced.  Each week, Lee gives you the chance to link up what you've been working on.  Here are a few other things I've been working on this week...

My girlfriend has a neighbor who just had a baby girl, Ava.  Every sweet baby needs some embroidered burp cloths!

....Mom...if you happen to be reading this, stop right here.  

My Mom's birthday is tomorrow and she wanted me to make her a bag for her pilates mat.  I used Laurie Wisbrun's Yoga Mat Bag tutorial.  I think I used too large of a circle for the bottom piece.  I may take the bottom off, cut the circle down, and resew it back on.   If anyone plans to make this bag, my circle was an 8" diameter.  Maybe a 6 or 7" diameter would have worked better.  I'll let you know!



  1. Mmmm. . . I think I'm going to go with the birdie. :)

  2. Seriously? I never knew Jo-Ann's did that! I think I always thought an 1/8 of yard was the smallest they did. Wow! I love your teal block, it looks great :) I adore that roller skate too!

  3. Your blocks are so pretty. I like the tree in the middle and the car in the corner. I've already finished my Bottled Rainbow Quilt and did an "I Spy" approach to it. Thanks for the tip of free samples at Joann's. I've spent so much money there on fabric, I won't be embarrassed at all to ask for a few samples!!!

  4. I agree, I think the roller skate is a lot of fun, but that whale is cute too!

  5. Love the teal block!! So pretty!! Those burp cloths are darling! And I love the mat bag!! What a great gift!!

  6. I love ALL your blocks, think I'm going to start smaller though, with a cushion :)

  7. Love your teal block, one of my fave colours! And the bag is great, a lovely present!

  8. Awww the burp cloths are great and so is your mom's present! Bottled Rainbows coming along nicely!

  9. What an awesome gift for your mom! Aren't they awesome people!

    Love the Bottled Rainbow blocks too!

  10. I just found your blog after going to vote on your awesome owl quilt! I LOVE IT... I think I'll live here for a bit... such great ideas and inspiration!


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