Stylish Blogger Award!!

I think this is the first time in my life that someone has ever awarded me with the title of "stylish!" 

Nikki, from the adorable blog, The Girl Who Quilts just passed on the Stylish Blogger award to me.  I can't take the "style" part to heart too much, since I know Nikki wasn't looking at my wardrobe....jeans, Old Navy t-shirts, pony tail, etc. 

Now, for the rules of the award.  I'm supposed to do:
1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.  Thanks Nikki.  Check.
2. Share seven things about yourself. See below.  Check.
3. Award 6 recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Contact the bloggers and tell them about the award.

7 things about me.  Hmmm...  I gotta make these good.

1.  I was a collegiete swimmer.  (Miami University, Oxford, OH)  Go Redskins.  They are now the Redhawks, but I will forever be a Redskin!
2.  I don't swim any more because "I don't really like to get wet."
3.  I was born on my Dad's and my 2nd cousin's birthday.
4.  The other day I decided to part my hair on the opposite side and got all kinds of compliments.  Did you get a new haircut?  Your hair looks great!  So now I have continued to part it on the wrong...well it's really the right (not left) side, but it's wrong to me.  If you're feeling a little crazy, try it.  It's fun!
5.  I just got my ears pierced a few years ago when I turned 30 (yes, I was scared and no, I didn't cry!!!).
6.  My three boys have cool initials:  ETC, CCC, JAC
7.  I still sleep with the blankie that I had when I was a baby. Don't worry, I was it regularly.

Now for the fun stuff.  I get to pay it forward.  Here are 6 newly discovered bloggers (or at least newly discovered by me) that I think are fantastics!


Mandy @ Mand-a-lin

Chelsea @ Pin and Bobbins

Linz @ LinzSews

I hope you guys enjoy these blogs as much as I do!!!  Thanks again, Nikki for the award.



  1. Oh, THANK YOU!! What fun! And congratulations!! Your blog is amazing, stylish, and fun! Thank you for thinking of me!! :)

  2. Oh my golly gosh i am honoured!!!!! I was so excited i called my hubby to tell him hehe. Thanks so much - i'm glad you like my modest little bloggy :) And you blog is totally stylish - love your pink backgorund! I am constantly purchasing fabric with that sort of print lol.

  3. I still sleep with my blankie too and worse than that I call it Bink. I haven't spent a single night away from it since I was 13.

  4. I was just checking in with what you were up to. Laughed out loud at #2 of your 7 things. Mentally rubbed my hands together at the thought of 6 new blogs to read and whoa!! There's me!! Thank you Val!!

  5. Oh, and also - I, too, was a swimmer. That rocks!

    And I think it's hilarious that you changed the part in your hair. Funny story - I didn't realize it until we took mom/daughter pictures, but I part my daughter's hair opposite mine. I think it's because that's how I *think* my hair looks. I should try the switch... ;)

  6. ooooOOOoooo (excited noises!) That's me! Thanks sooo much! Not only have you inspired me to try Ticker taping, but you've given me an award! Doubly double thanks! x

  7. Oh, thanks so much Val!!! Plus also I saw your tute on Moda BakeShop, well done you! I love that playmat :-) great baby gift


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